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The U.S. is undergoing a massive upgrade on the country’s infrastructure and grid modernization. Unfortunately, the U.S. is facing unprecedented times and companies lack experienced resources needed to keep up with the demand. Our expertise in power delivery systems and geotechnical engineering services separate us from the rest.

Inspection & Safety

United Power Engineering is a leader among the best inspection and safety oversight consultancies. Providing the industry’s most reputable inspectors and HSE’s support for a variety of projects. We understand that safety comes first, and experienced inspectors is important to mitigate risks for our clients and their customers.

Project Management

United Power Engineering provides project management services. Our project managers works closely with your construction managers, engineers, schedulers, cost analyst, and designated management to provide seamless integration between all phases of the development process.

Construction Management

United Power Engineering understands that construction management must have the ability to take projects from conception to completion as it is critical for success. Our construction managers are proven experts and have pride for every job they manage giving clients an ease of operations with exceptional results.

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